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AskJAM: Which is the best university in the world and why? How many courses are offered by it?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Learn from leading experts in foreign education consulting about the best universities.

As a student going for studies abroad, you want to know which universities are the best. This is a question I get all the time as an education expert. Here are the top universities what makes them the best .

Searching for the world's best university is like searching for the best opportunity for you out there. Every opportunity is as good as what you make of it.

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkely in the US, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, in the UK have been at the top of the global ranking across the world for many years now. Read: What makes a top university excellent?

Universities market themselves like brands so that they can secure a significantly higher place in the rankings. The top Universities usually have between 10000 to 50000 students including international scholars studying and researching at their prestigious institutions.

They also have several campuses with excellent infrastructure, and brilliant exposure to various courses in Sciences, Business, Economics, Humanities, and Medicine.

The large and well-regarded universities would give you a competitive environment with all the required facilities for you to excel in your arena. Whereas, some other universities may give you a nurturing environment to grow and develop your skills. Both provide different learning curves and experiences.

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