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AskJAM: Are overseas studies even worth it?

Leading experts in foreign education consulting talk to you about the merits of studying abroad rather than in India.

Overseas education comes at a higher financial cost than studying in India. The challenges of making it big in a foreign environment, and adjusting to a tough and demanding lifestyle, are things which Indian students need to be prepared for. Western lifestyle demands and teaches you to be decisive, and adapt fast to change. Something we are not used to. Education abroad is lucrative if you are mentally prepared for it.

Several countries particularly the US, Canada, and the UK are very expensive and simply do not have enough credible jobs to offer every passing out graduate. Many of the highly valued brand-name universities offer little extras to an Indian student. Instead, they charge astronomical tuition fees. Alongside, we also have to maintain the high cost of student living.

The UK offers long-term work visas to foreign students for a period of two years after graduation or master's. The US gives a one-year work visa to foreign students without a STEM degree, and up to thirty-three months work visa if you have a STEM. Make sure that you do your homework if your plan is to live and work in the country of your choice.

Canada and Europe offer a more liberal visa policy so most students opt for such countries. the importance of a work visa cannot be stressed more.

With so many challenges is it worth considering studies abroad?

Is the best university education in India at the IITs, IIMs, and AIIMs comparable to the best abroad? Yes, if you want the best education at a top university of excellence. To build a successful future in your concerned field, you must prepare well, research the courses the universities have to offer and then proceed to choose your desired college and line of work that satisfies your needs and offers the most benefit. It is only then, that we can conclude that your choice of studying abroad is worth it!

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