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Global University Fair 2024 at your school/ college

After a very successful Fair in 2023 December in some of the prime educational institutions of Mumbai, the financial capital of India- we are ready and set to witness an academic fest in two this September and December 2024. 

Tentative dates;

  • September 24-28 [any two days]

  • December 2-7 [any three days]

The event aspires to be a game-changer for students, faculty, and parents seeking international education opportunities. Organized in selected schools and colleges across the city, the fair brings together renowned universities from across the world [primarily Europe and Canada], offering an invaluable platform for interaction, insights, and the initiation of the application process.

By bringing representatives from various foreign universities to Mumbai, the event provides a special opportunity for students to directly connect with institutions abroad at the convenience of their own location. This face-to-face interaction is essential in understanding the admission process, courses offered, and the overall campus culture for international students.

Attendees can explore a multitude of international options without the need for time-consuming travel. The fair offers a diverse array of universities, covering disciplines from humanities, business, management, finance, IT to STEM, providing a comprehensive view of global academic opportunities. Moreover, students can engage in meaningful conversations with university representatives, gaining insights into specific programs, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities. This direct interaction facilitates informed decision-making, helping students align their aspirations with the right educational path.

For parents, the fair acts as an interactive hub where they can learn about various study abroad options and the associated benefits. Presentations and workshops on navigating the application process, financial considerations, and visa requirements provide invaluable information, ease the concerns of parents, and encouraging them to support their children's aspirations.


Pre-registration is encouraged to streamline the entry process and ensure a seamless experience. The event is free for students/ parents/ faculty to attend.

Our event page will provide detailed information on participating universities, link for registration, schedules, and other procedures.

View images and videos from the fair on our socials

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