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Top Universities for pursuing a Bachelor programme in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. In other words, it is the method by which machines demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence like learning, reasoning and self- correction. Most Artificial intelligence examples that you hear about today – from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars – rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing. Using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

The scope of AI in science is the largest. Recently ‘Eve’ was in the news for discovering that an ingredient found commonly in toothpaste, is capable of curing Malaria. Here the subject in appreciation ‘Eve’ is not a human scientist, rather a Robot created by a team of scientists at the Universities of Manchester, Aberystwyth, and Cambridge.

Why choose Artificial Intelligence as a career

  • Soaring Demand for AI Professionals globally

AI is the latest buzzword in Tech. All the major enterprises will make use of AI in the future to improve their productivity. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook have already climbed on the bandwagon of AI.

  • Novel Career Paths

AI is going to permeate every job sector in the future. It can create new career paths in the field of Machine learning, Data mining, and analysis, AI software development, program management, and testing.

  • Earning Potential

The demand for AI certified professionals will grow along with the developments in AI. Gaining a certificate in AI will give you an edge over other IT professionals as AI is the future of IT. Overall the future of AI seems too large to comprehend. But there is no denying the opportunities AI can open for those who invest in it.

Top Universities for Artificial Intelligence

  • University of Groningen, Netherlands

The University of Groningen is a public research university in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1614. Since its founding more than 200,000 students have graduated.

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Duration – 3 years

Commences on – 01-Sep-2023

Tuition fees – €10,800.00 (INR 8,71,239) per year

World Ranking – 83

  • University of Radboud, Netherlands

Radboud University Nijmegen is a public university with a strong focus on research located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was established on 17 October 1923 and is situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands. The RU has seven faculties and enrolls over 19,900 students.

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Duration – 3 years

Commences on – 03-Sep-2023

Tuition fees – €9,879.00 (INR 7,96,942) per year

World Ranking – 122

  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is an autonomous research university in Singapore. NTU is consistently ranked amongst the world’s best universities in all of the major college and university rankings.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Duration – 4 years

Commences on – 13-Aug-2023

Tuition fees – SG$17,550.00 (INR 8,86,270) per year

World Ranking – 52

  • Tilburg University, Netherlands

Tilburg University is a public research university specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business sciences, theology and humanities, located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. Tilburg University has a student population of about 13,050 students, about 10 percent of whom are international students.

Bachelor of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Duration – 3 years

Commences on – 03-Sep-2023

Tuition fees – €5,100.00 (INR 4,11,419) per year

World Rank – 195

  • Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is a university in New Zealand, formed on 1 January 2000 when a former technical college was granted university status. AUT enrolled more than 29,000 students in 2016, including 4,194 international students from 94 countries and 2,417 postgraduate students

Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences – Computational Intelligence Major

Duration – 3 years

Commences on – 25-Feb-2023

Tuition fees – NZ$31,890.00 (14,93,600) per year

World Rank – 401

Besides these courses listed above, there is a plethora of Universities in the US teaching AI courses at undergrad level. Most of these AI courses are taught along with Computer Science Programmes of these Universities. Few of the top ranked universities in USA that provide courses for Artificial Intelligence;

  • Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)

  • Stanford University (Stanford)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT” (Cambridge)

  • University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley)

Contact +919867343443 for course details, admission requirements, fees and visa.

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