Study Bachelors in Finland

Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world, and while it may be off the beaten track this Nordic country is anything but insular. As home to one of the best education systems in the world, as well as several top ranking universities, Finland is ideal for anyone seeking a high-quality education abroad.

Finland leads the world in education, government transparency, stability, and saunas. Top Universities in Finland:

1. University of Helsinki

Courses Offered: Bachelor Program in Science

2. Aalto University

Courses Offered: Chemical Engineering, Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology - Computational Engineering, Data Science, Digital Systems and Design, Quantum Technology, Design, Economics.

3.University of Tampere

Courses Offered: Bachelor of Science (Tech)

4. University of Oulu

Courses Offered: Intercultural Teacher Education

5. University of Turku

Courses Offered: Information & Communication Tech

Reasons to Study in Finland: 1. Natural Beauty

The entire country of Finland, barring a few islands of its southernmost coast, is located above the 60th parallel. Finland's geographic location, as well as its stunning landscape, makes it an ideal location for students wanting to study and explore. Head north in the summer when the sun doesn't set and hike around any of Finland's 168,000 lakes. In the winter, Finland turns into a winter wonderland with cross country ski trails through Helsinki's central park and northern lights that dance across the sky.

2. Vibrant International Community

Finland has a small population (just under 5.5 million people), but the country has a diverse international community, and international students will find a warm welcome.

3. Strong Local Culture

Finnish people may seem very reserved, but once you get to know them, you'll find a warm, friendly population and cities full of life. Finns drink more coffee than any other people on earth (around 12kg per person per year!) and the capital city of Helsinki is “full of cafes, culture and clubs.” Spend your weekends browsing flea markets and art galleries, and check out the city's dynamic music scene featuring everything from classic operas to a rock culture that makes Finland a leader in yet another area – heavy metal bands!

4. World-Class Education

With one of the best performing education systems in the world, it's no wonder over 14,000 international students have already chosen Finland for study abroad.

Finland continues to eclipse the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand in math, science and reading scores, and as of 2019, Finnish universities were ranked among the top 3 percent globally.

You can hardly open the news without hearing about Finland's marvelous education system, but the country deserves its reputation. Finland repeatedly ranks in the top five for PISA scores(an international assessment that measures 15-year-old students' reading, mathematics, and science literacy every three years.)Finns borrow more library books than any other country in the world.

Finland's high educational standards are just one of the ways that this forward-thinking country works to make the world and the future a better place. Finland leads the world in futurology, and its universities are central to the country's efforts.

5. Everyone Speaks English

Finland's well-educated population is also extremely fluent in English. Last year, the country ranked #4 in the Education First English Proficiency Index. [Courtesy:]

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