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Post-grad admission to the US for Spring 2024 (Jan/Feb)

The United States is an attractive destination to pursue a Master's degree for a lot of Indian students. Post-grad in the US can be a valuable and rewarding experience for a variety of reasons. Graduating from an esteemed US university can enhance your career prospects as their degrees are often recognized and respected worldwide, and many multinational companies actively recruit graduates from US institutions.

  1. Academic Excellence: A lot of universities in the US universities are globally renowned for their high academic standards, rigorous curricula, and cutting-edge research opportunities, along with access to world-class faculty.

  2. Inclusive Environment: US universities are known for their cultural diversity and such diverse student bodies can expose you to a wide range of perspectives and cultures.

  3. Research and networking Opportunities: The US offers extensive research opportunities, especially in fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Graduate students often have access to well-funded research projects, state-of-the-art facilities, and opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in their fields.

  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The US is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. If you're interested in launching your own startup or working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, studying in the US can provide you with the necessary skills, resources, and connections.

  5. Post-Study Work Options: The US offers Optional Practical Training (OPT) programs that allow international students to work in their field of study for up to 12-36 months after graduation, depending on the degree and field, providing valuable work experience.

  6. Personal Growth: Studying abroad can be also a life-changing experience and hence fosters personal growth, independence, the ability to adapt and adjust, and a global perspective.

Here are some of the universities offering Master's programs in the US, starting in January 2024!

  1. Arizona State University

  2. Arkansas State

  3. Atlantis University

  4. California State University

  5. Colorado State University

  6. Iowa State University

  7. Kent State University - Kent

  8. King's College

  9. Marshall University

  10. Marymount University

  11. Metropolitan State University of Denver

  12. Monroe College

  13. Montana State University

  14. Murray State University

  15. New York Film Academy

  16. New York Tech

  17. San Francisco State University

  18. Troy University

  19. Virginia International University

  20. Washington State University

  21. Webster University

  22. Wichita State University

  23. Wright State University


  • Agricultural education

  • Anthropology

  • Art

  • History

  • Biological Sciences

  • Business Administration (MBA)

  • Communication studies

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE)

  • English Environmental Science

  • Geosciences

  • History

  • Interdisciplinary sciences

  • Kinesiology

  • Language teaching

  • Nursing

  • Nutritional Science

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Public Administration

  • Social Science

  • Social Work

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