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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Last date for submission of applications is June 1st.

Germany is one of the largest destinations for international students. Last year alone, 25,000 students from India joined German universities. Top-ranked private universities offer the best courses in English.

All universities adhere to very strict education standards. Germany Universities offer an open and nurturing environment for Indian students. An unmatched global exposure - a semester abroad in a partner University is a standard feature. Course credits that are awarded in Europe, are recognized all over the world.

German visa and employment policy allows employment to its international students. This is unmatched by any other country including the UK and US. Affordable cost of education, Merit scholarships, part-time work, are some of the other advantages.

Cost of Education, Scholarships

Doing a bachelors in Business Administration or an Engineering degree from a top-rated University will cost you Euros 8000-10000 per annum in tuition fee. Living expenses: 750 Euros per month Total is Rs 12.5 -13.5 lakh per year.

Liberal scholarships are available for merit students. Part-time work - up to 20 hours a week is allowed in Germany and other EU countries

World-renowned bachelor degree programmes taught in English (3 years).

  • Business Administration, International Business,

  • Bachelors in Product Design, Interior Design, Communication Design,

  • Bachelor in Engineering,

  • Medicine(5-6 years),

  • Liberal Arts and Science

Jobs, Internships

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. The European Union offers it’s graduates the benefit of applying for jobs if they graduate from any country in the EU. Hence a degree from any of these countries including from Spain, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark gives you the entire European job market. A Blue Card enables you to stay on and work after graduation. As an Indian student, you are highly respected for your talent, hard work, and merit.

Admission requirements for Bachelor admissions

  • No German, skills required for admission.

  • IB Diploma, A levels accepted.

  • CBSE, ICSE, SSC accepted by select German Universities.

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