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The Eclectic MBA in France

France, just like its cuisine, has a lot to offer. Take your pick and fly away!

ESSEC offers specialized global MBA programs in Luxury Brand Management and

Strategy & Digital Leadership. You require a minimum of 3 years of professional experience for these programs and there are 1 year and 2 year tracks for each of the programs.

Toulouse Business School offers a Global Executive MBA in Strategic Management or Aerospace Management which is a 14 months full time program.

Vatel Business School offers an MBA in International hotel management- wine & spirits management specialization which is a full time 2 year program.

INSEEC offers a dual degree in MSc and MBA, where the MSc program could be a specialization in a particular field of interest. This is a full time 2 year program with over 40 areas of specialization.

KEDGE Business School offers General Executive MBA. It requires at least 5 years of managerial experience and is a part-time degree program with multi-site programmes at Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux, Shanghai, Hong Kong and many more.

SKEMA Business School offers a Global Executive MBA with specialization in Project Management.

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