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The 5 key benefits of learning in groups

Group learning is an effective way of grasping concepts and thinking beyond the classroom. Collaborative learning can inculcate necessary skills leading to a safe learning environment where everyone can thrive. Here are the five key benefits of learning in groups:

1) Pooling in different perspectives

“Two heads are better than one.” Each individual in a group brings a different perspective on the table owing to different lived experiences. When such perspectives are discussed it inculcates critical thinking within the group members. The group study provides food for thought and helps in reaching an inclusive conclusion.

2) Skill building

Group learning leads to better problem solving, patience, listening skills and empathy. It also creates a space for better participation and inclusion. Peers learn to make space for everyone and hold onto their space as well. Collaborative learning and working are life-long skills.

3) Better communication

Collaborative learning enables students to articulate their ideas, thoughts and concepts in a precise and well expressed way. It helps to organise and disseminate information in an understandable manner leading to better interpersonal communication skills. Communication is the key to successful academic and professional lives and group learning enables that.

4) Responsibility and accountability

If groups create and maintain an accountability mechanism where each peer is responsible and accountable for predetermined tasks, it instils time management and a responsible attitude. Moreover, there is space for introspection and acceptance of useful feedback.

5) Less stress and anxiety

Group learning can be beneficial since the interpersonal connection within the group makes understanding of concepts easier. It also removes hesitation and shyness which might be existing within the group. If a healthy environment emerges, it is easier to focus beyond one’s anxiety and fears.

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