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Study bachelors at IULM University, Italy

IULM University in Italy is one of the finest choices for training in Communication and New Media, Languages, Tourism, Arts and Design. They offer a diverse curriculum and excellent teaching professionals.

Their motto states - “Know, know how to be, know how to do”. It is on these three cornerstones that IULM University has based its teaching mission.

For over 50 years IULM University has been known for its expertise in integrating cultural preparation, soft skills, professional competence and knowledge in the students.

The courses offered at IULM University are as follows :

3 year undergraduate programmes:

1) Faculty of interpreting and translation

i) Interpreting and Communication

From multinationals to the public sector, you will find work in the field of translation, interpreting or language mediation, in Italy or abroad.

ii) Languages, Culture and Digital Communication

It is a newly conceived course which best suits today’s digital revolution. Within this course, the traditional disciplines linked to humanistic culture and knowledge of foreign languages provide the essential basis of the digital tools designed for the transmission and communication of knowledge.

2) Faculty of communication

i) Communication, Media and Advertising

The course provides in-depth skills in the field of communication, referring to the historical, aesthetic, legal, linguistic and semiotic contexts of contemporary life, in a socioeconomic perspective connected with the composite scenario of digital media.

ii) Corporate Communication and Public Relations

The course provides a wide skills base: business management, marketing, organisation and law to understand the functioning of companies. One can become product manager, brand manager, social media manager, event manager or media relations officer.

3) Faculty of Arts and Tourism

i) Arts, Media and Cultural Events

The course is organised across different disciplinary fields ranging from the arts to social sciences. The graduates will be able to evaluate cultural initiatives from a financial and organisational perspective and to comprehend investment dynamics in the artistic and cultural sector.

ii) Fashion and Creative Industries

The course is designed to train professional figures able to enter the sector's communication and creative processes with the appropriate critical-theoretical knowledge of the various artistic-visual languages necessary for understanding fashion.

iii) Tourism, Management and Culture

An innovative programme focused on wide global scenarios and able to meet the employment needs in the tourism sector. It is a dynamic course with wide applicability. In addition, students can apply their knowledge base in contexts of sustainable development, intercultural dialogue and sustainable development.

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