Study at VIA University College, Denmark

Via University, Denmark offers more than 40 reputed study programmes and degrees within the domains of engineering, health sciences, design, education, business and much more!

All courses will be taught in 100% English,

Application Deadline: 15th March 2022

Subjects open to International students:

- Climate and Supply Chain Engineering: 3.5 years course;

At the Climate and Supply Engineering study programme, you will work with engineering-related tasks in the supply sector from day one.

You will get relevant teaching in mathematics, physics and chemistry to form the scientific foundation for working with complex solutions requiring complex calculations.

The programme consists of both general engineering-related courses in collaboration with our other engineering programmes, as well as courses specialised in the field of climate and supply. At all VIA’s engineering programmes, we have, independently from which field you are enrolled at, a focus on sustainability, digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship. You will also be able to specialise in a specific field if you wish.

- Design Technology and Business: 2 years course;

The programme spreads over 4 semesters, which is two years. You can choose between these specialities: Fashion Design or Branding and Marketing Management

All are focused on the fashion and lifestyle branch. 

The programme is organised so you get a broad understanding of the whole fashion and lifestyle branch as well as a profound knowledge of your chosen speciality. During the first semester, all AP undergraduates follow the same common core programme centred on design, business and knowledge of materials. You develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of the design and business branch. 

- Architecture technology and construction management: 3.5 years course;

At the Architectural Technology and Construction Management study programme, you will learn to design, plan, execute and manage construction projects. We work with both small and large projects from start to finish.

You will gain project management skills and experience in using digital tools in the construction process.

During the education, you will get to influence the learnings you achieve to match your interests and talents.

- Software Technology Engineering: 3.5 years course;

At Software Technology Engineering, you work with programming and system development. Software engineers contribute to shaping our future with new digital solutions and opportunities. You will get relevant knowledge, preparing you to work in the engineering industry, e.g. science-related subjects. At the same time, you will get specialised knowledge within software development, such as data engineering, interactive media and Internet-of-Things throughout the study programme. Depending on the choice of electives, students can specialise in one of three areas: Internet-of-Things, Interactive Media, or, Data Engineering.

Furthermore, at all VIA’s engineering programmes, we have independently from which field you are enrolled at, a focus on sustainability, digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship. These are fundamental elements, which we are working with during the entire programme and they will be naturally implemented in the lessons and projects during the semesters and internships.

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