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UCLL/ UC Leuven- Limberg, located in Belgium offers attractive courses for International Students. All programs are globally recognized and are entirely taught in English. UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL)  is one of the major universities of applied sciences in Flanders with over 14,000 students and 9 campuses.

Campus Proximus is home to approximately 2,000 bachelor’s students who pursue a degree in the fields of business or information technology!

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, every UCLL program offers ‘hybrid learning’ which is a mix of on-campus and online education, however, the proportions may differ depending on the study program.

Degree programs:

A degree program is started and completed at the same educational institution. Upon successful completion of the full program, you will obtain a degree from that institution.

If you opt for a degree program at UCLL, you will graduate with a UCLL degree, rather than of any other institution. Degree programs therefore cannot be part of another program or course of study (in either Belgium or another country). The Bachelor programs are:

3-year programs that are

profession-oriented to obtain a (first or second) full bachelor’s degree. Pre-enrolment is obligatory.

International Business Management - option marketing

Advance Business Management - International Management, Design, Thinking, and Innovation.

Transdisciplinary continuing education

Postgraduate International Educating Class (IEC)

Postgraduate Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Advanced bachelor Global Citizenship and Development

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