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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

One of the best places to live.

Many Indian students have thought of going abroad for their post graduate education. Those who seriously consider it as an option, do so to have brighter career prospects and attain global exposure. Earlier, UK, US and Australia were considered to be the hottest destinations by Indian students.

With a recession world wide, no jobs in USA and Europe, and increasing difficulty in getting admissions and Visas, because these destinations have declined in the wish list of students. In the extreme case a destination country like Australia which once attracted students just for the international exposure it gave them, has now stopped welcoming. One of the prime reasons for a majority of students is to get a job that pays much better than what they'd get in India. The local Australian population sees it as a competition from Indians who work at lower wages and take away their own jobs. There are two kinds of Jobs – part time what you do while you are still studying. This may be in the University, or nearby in the local community. Post qualification, you'd look for a permanent job or a career. Given a choice a majority of Indian students would want a high paying Job in the destination country.

The country which has managed to pull crowds this year is Canada. Official statistical data shows that more than 12,000 Indian students went to Canada in 2010 for higher education and the numbers are expected to rise up to 20,000 by the end of 2011. Why? Canada is a rich country attracting nearly two lakhs immigrants per year. The reason for students opting for Canada is high standards of education, world recognised universities and affordable living standards. For the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nations survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live.

Canada is famous for its undergraduate and MA programmes. The most popular of all are multimedia, animation mass media courses, IT, biotech, pharmacy and also management studies Canada has it all. Though, the criteria to reserve your seat in MA programmes are really tough because of minimum seats available for the course and also the colleges prefer 16 years of education and a good level of work experience.

Achieving an undergraduate degree from Canada has many benefits too; you got work while you learn. Many universities do provide a co pair programme where the institution offers a paid internship in a company mostly during the second or the third year. The other advantage is that students who are in 2 years program (BA or MA) get a three year open permit visa to work in Canada and repay the cost of their education. Students coming for less than 2 years get the work visa equal to the duration of the study.

Vishal Badwani Director, International Learning Warehouse, a well known consultancy gives us more reasons as to why a student should prefer Canada over other countries. He says “I think during these times where America and Kingdom (UK) are fighting their own battle against recession Canada seems to be the best option without a doubt for students looking for long term success. Firstly, unlike others countries namely UK where tuition fees is doubled for international students Canadian government has minimised the fees for the Indian students. Secondly, if a student is unhappy with the course or the university the institution immediately withdraws the admission and sends them back to their country. Last and the most important reason is that, it's easy to get a permit residency in Canada. Within 12-18 months of your open permit visa you are eligible to get a PR in Canada which is not that easy to get in other countries.

Though the visa regulation has become stringent SPP (Student partnership programme) would be the best option to look at. It is designed and implemented in partnership between the Canadian visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) to improve the outcome of visa for Indian students. The students who wish to apply for this programme need to apply from their respective universities and meet the criteria suggested by them. Generally an SPP visa application takes around 8-10 working days.

Jayesh Iyer, a student is gearing up for his MA in international business from University of Western Ontario said “the reason I opted for Canada is because it's a safe country, economical and the MBA programmes are well recognised globally. I was also thinking about UK but my pocket couldn't really afford expensive living with no job so Canada seemed the best option. I don't mind doing a course for 1 year, complete my 16 years of study, to meet the criteria for an MA in Canada.”

Better career prospects, good opportunities and of course, one of the best places to live as they say. So, what are you waiting for GOOOO Canadaaa..

- Esha Shukla

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