Do Your Master's in Sweden

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Sweden will inspire you with about 1000 programmes taught in English, at over 35 universities, where creativity and independent thinking always come first.

Whenever creativity is involved, you should also expect a more informal environment, where you don’t have to worry about etiquette, and can even address professors by their first name.

Students who choose Sweden are attracted by the open-minded attitude Swedes have, their great English skills, but also by the eco-friendly and high standards of living. Add to that the fact that academic culture here dates back 500 years and the great social equality of it all, and it’s hard not to put Sweden on your studies map.

Top Universities and Masters programmes taught in English

1. Lund University Courses Offered:

2. Malmo University

Courses Offered:

3.Stockholm University Courses Offered:

4. Stockholm School of Economics Courses Offered:

5. Karolinska Institute

Courses Offered:

Reasons to study in Sweden:

1. Living standards

Sweden consistently ranks high on lists of the countries with the highest living standards in the world. The tap water in Stockholm has been tested to be as pure as bottled mineral water from brands such as Evian. Due to the need to withstand cold winters, housing in general has efficient insulation and heating, and advanced electricity, water, and sewage systems.

2. Social systems

With a stable government and nearly non-existent corruption in the country, the high taxes provide many perks and support for citizens. Free education, highly subsidised healthcare, and well-maintained infrastructure are offered to all residents. Striving to be proactive rather than reactive, taxation strategies look to the greater good for citizens. As an example, free education and vaccinations for all children lead to a healthier population.

3. Education

Sweden is home to some of the best universities in the world. The medical university Karolinska Institutet is ranked the 40th best university in the world in all categories, by World University Rankings 2019. For business studies, Stockholm School of Economics is the top university, consistently ranking high in business school rankings. Uppsala University and Lund University are two of the oldest, renowned institutions of higher education in the world, founded year 1477 and 1666 respectively. They are both among the top 100 universities worldwide in several high-profile international rankings.

4. Working conditions

The working conditions in Sweden are among the best in the world. Most companies give full-time employees six weeks of paid vacation per year and a number of healthcare benefits, insurance, and pension schemes. Working hours are regulated, with a standard of 40 hours per week, and employers required to pay for overtime work. In short, being employed by a Swedish company means being in good hands.

5. Freedom of expression

Being one of the most liberal countries in the world, the Law on Freedom of Expression is one of the four foundational laws in Sweden, the others being the Instrument of Government, the Freedom of the Press Act, and the Act of Succession. In daily life, it means that you are free to express your opinions in speech and print, criticise the government without risking repercussions, choose religious affiliation, and live your sexual orientation, supported by a strong LGBTQ community and legalised same-sex marriage.

6. Nature

Volumes of books could be written about the serene and particular nature in Sweden. One of the least densely populated countries in Europe, Sweden is to 80 % covered in forests and lakes. With the freedom to roam (in this case related to nature, and not in regards to internet), you are welcome to hike and camp in freely in nature. This principle is protected by law, encouraging people to enjoy the natural environment surrounding them. The only thing you need to give in return is to respect nature and wildlife, leaving the land as beautiful as you found it.

7. Midnight sun

Look to the sky to experience yet another stunning natural occurrence. Above the polar circle, the sun never sets below the horizon for six months of the year, and for the other half of the year, the sun never rises, leaving the people and wildlife to live in darkness half of their lives. Even in the bottom third of Sweden, where the three largest cities are located, the changes in sunset and sunrise times have a visible effect during the year. In Stockholm, the sun sets at 10:45 pm at the latest at summer solstice in June, while winter solstice entails sunset at 2:45 pm.

Sweden is a very diverse country. But, it doesn’t just allow diversity. Like everything else we have looked at, Sweden works hard to promote diversity. Sweden has consistently ranked among the best countries for equality in the world. It is also ranked among the best in gender equality and LGBT rights. This is due to Sweden’s overall progressive attitude. A huge focus and global concern right now is on environmental sustainability. Sweden is one of the countries that has made this a priority. Just like the focus on applying knowledge, Sweden and its citizens take this very seriously.

It is not difficult to see the focus of most universities. They are focused on graduating students that think like the university wants them to. The only consideration that is given to job preparation is offering job placement help. But, the large percentage of these graduates that have trouble finding a job shows that they are not viewed as career-ready.

Universities in Sweden possess a much different record. If you ask CEOs around the world what one characteristic they value the most, then most of them will say creativity. This is what is missing from most universities. It is the one thing that Sweden gives to every student. You also learn actual skills that are in demand right now. You are ready to solve problems. You aren’t just taught to think creatively. You are also taught how to use this creativity. Graduates of Sweden’s universities are known as problem solvers.

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