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AskJAM Do You Want To Study Abroad?


We are a leading company in the international education and recruitment. We deal with International schools. We have five years’ experience in overseas education. Our students go to Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain. We have placed 115 successful students in universities abroad. We are the only consultant who deals across various disciplines- Medicine, Humanities, Engineering, Business Management, Economics, and Science.

What services will be included in the consultation-

  • Careers after graduation: what can I be doing when I graduate? What do I want to do?.

  • University Shortlisting and application

  • Structure your resume, Motivation letter,

  • Presentation of extracurricular activities, internships, and academic projects

  • Motivation: Why I am suited for this course?

  • When to apply.

  • Application process deadlines, adequate preparation, foreign language preparatory courses if required, IELTS and SAT if required,

  • Post-admission formalities, visa: Upon confirming acceptance of admission, we take care of formalities of fees, opening the blocked account, arrange to the house.

  • Where to get the best scholarships While applying we must have a good idea where we can get a good scholarship: 25% to 50% of the fees. In some cases even more!!

  • Housing.

Countries offered by us-

How to make a great application -

Spend one year in arriving at your dream university. What you need is a simple motivation. We will help you get that, not only prepare a great resume, a great motivation letter but everything included- the extracurricular, internships, projects which will go on your resume. Several small and big things that will give the admission officer at the university a good reason to select you.

Following are the courses for Bachelor's Degree-

How to crack the toughest universities to get into-

Some universities in the top 100 have a tough entrance procedure. To get into a dream university you must be mentally prepared for the selection exam, interview and of course have a great application, Courses like Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, International law, some branches of Engineering and Medicine have very rigorous entry we will help you with all that.

Our first counseling is free. Counseling is offered at our offices in Navi Mumbai, and Pune with prior appointment. Why work visa is important-

After you finish your studies you are so looking forward to getting work in an organization. However, this important aspect is overlooked by most students while applying. In some countries the work visa rules are stringent. Majority of the students do not get the visa easily. Particularly those not from Science or Technology. Whereas we will recommend countries and courses where work visa allows you to stay back for 12 to 18 months Once you do find a suitable job and an employer you get a permanent residency. 110 successful applications to the top universities in the world​

In the last 5 years, we have received over 100 successful admits from the best Universities in the world. Our students from Cathedral Vidya School, Podar International, DY Patil International, Rishi Valley Oakridge, etc have received more than 3 admits in three applications submitted.

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