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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Should I think of a demand in the market? Whether you are a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, Businessmen or Investors. This article might be useful for you. Which field is in demand?

I don’t like this question. The fact is, if there is a demand for computer science and anyone wants to be an Aerospace Engineer, then should he go for Computer Science? He should either go for Aerospace directly or first he should go for Mechanical, then he can go for his masters in Aerospace. After these steps, one may get an offer to work with ISRO, DRDO.

Computer Science is in demand. Because lots of jobs are available in this field. Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Oracle these are the leading brands, they work in the domain of computer science and Information technology. There are many other brands.

Also, Electronics and Telecommunication is a great field to work. Nokia, Samsung and most of the leading Mobile Network leaders and Mobile manufacturers are working in this field.Electronics students can get to work with Intel, Xilinx , Texas Instruments and National Instruments. The list goes on.

It depends on the requirement, Even computer science, electronics students can work in ISRO, DRDO. BITS Pilani student Rahul Sapre , got to work as an Intern in ISRO. Computer Science Graduate Dr. Aditya Kulkarni got to work in ISRO as a scientist. Now , he is doing Ph.D in NUS Singapore. Which field will get demand in future?

Material Science, Energy Sector, Robotics, Textile Engineering, Nanotechnology, 3D printing Why Material Science?

Now we have come up with the stretchable batteries. We have come up with the robot which can climb a wall, they are made using Gecko-inspired adhesives. We have a material, when it comes in contact with moisture; generates electricity. All these fields need a deep study of Material Science.

Fracktal Works , a 3D printing company received a huge funding from Neoteric. 3D printing is a boon for manufacturing. Germany is leading in Car manufacturing. Can we bring same glory to India market ? Yes. It will happen by 2020. Make In India and Digital India campaigns might convert India in a Hub of technologies, manufacturing centre. In future , we may need to solve the problem of electricity generation. We will need to make use of renewable energy.

Robotics, right now India has one start-up, OmniPresence robotics. It is guided by the Dr. Reddy from CMU. He is the only Indian who received a Turing award. Also there are some robotics start-ups from start-up village like Shastra Robotics. ASIMO Robotics and many more. Robotics needs a knowledge of mechanical engineering , Electronics, mathematics and Computer Programming.

Textile Engineering, Now this is an era of wearable Computing. We have smart fabrics group in google. It is a group Jacquard. Many scientists from MIT and Google are working together. Here you need students from myriad backgrounds. Electronics , Computer Science, Materials as well as Textiles.

Healthcare , Mobile Application development , Remote Health Monitoring all these fields are evolving. There are some projects like Athos , Argus. They are looking into Health care domain using technology. Mobile Applications such as Azumio tells you your heart rate based on the blood flow at your fingertip. Athos is the smart clothing manufacturer , a smart cloth examines a complete body and gives you a daily report. GoQii by Vishal Gondal is also going on the similar track. Khosala Ventures have invested in EyeNetra Startup by Ramesh Raskar, MIT USA. It is also in the domain of Health Care. There are new campaigns , StartUp Village. Some enthusiatic Investors like Keyur Patel, Mahesh Murthy, Ajeet Khurana , Alok Kejriwal and many more.India will definitely be the superpower by the end of 2020. Long Live India !!! Contact +91-22-27842191/2181, +917777073264 for course details, admission requirements, fees and visa. JAM CAMPUS ABROAD is a part of JAM Venture Publishing P Ltd.We will help you with course selection, application and the admission process. Book a FREE counselling session now.

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