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AskJam: We Answer Important Study Abroad Questions!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Here are the most important questions that a student must consider before they choose a foreign education.

Are you planning your studies abroad but have many questions?

Here are some of the most important questions and we have answered them.

1. How important is the global ranking of universities? Are there other important criteria besides rank?

The global ranking of universities is important as they help us to understand various criteria which make Universities excellent.

Some of the criteria include academic reputation, reputation among employers, student-to-faculty ratio, research citations per faculty member, the proportion of international faculty, international students, and exchange programs.

2. How far does each of these ranking criteria match your own priorities?

Besides ranking other Important criteria includes the cost of education, scholarships, and assured career opportunities.

3. What makes a University excellent?

High quality of research and teaching, and stringent selection criteria are important. The international environment is the next important factor.

Lower cost of education and scholarships assured career path post completion of the studies, access to a work visa and permanent residence are also among the important factors.

4. Which countries offer the best environment for studies? Should one look beyond the historical choices, ie the UK, US, Canada, and Australia?

The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Finland, Spain, and Belgium are the countries that offer the best environment of diversified experience and faculty and student exchange programs for international studies.

And yes, one should definitely seek options beyond the historical choices as there are a number of other countries like the ones mentioned above with one of the best environments for Bachelors and Masters studies specializing suitable for Indian students.

5. How important is it to get an international environment at a foreign university?

Diversified and experienced faculty and the opportunity to get the best from the exchange programs are important and students and faculty from all over the world bringing high merit to contribute to our education undoubtedly reflect the importance of an international environment at a foreign university.

6. What are the best options to study post-Covid-19?

Covid-19 has brought the whole world to a standstill, especially academic activities. But that does not mean that you are not going to get admission to your desired country or institute since there still are some best options of universities and countries to study abroad post Covid-19 pandemic. The countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Belgium.

6. I want to go abroad for my bachelor's studies in Spring or Autumn 2023, but I'm not sure which are the best countries and courses to seek post-Covid-19.

Admissions season will start in September and go on till February for 2022 admissions. Countries: Denmark, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, the UK, and the US.

Some of the world-renowned Bachelor's and Master's programs start in the Spring or Autumn of 2023.

1. Technology: Software Technology, Architectural Technology, Automotive Technology, Information & Communication Technology.

2. Management: Global Management, Global BBA, Construction Management, Industrial Engineering & Management.

3. International Management: International/ Hotel/ Event/ Aviation/ Hospital/ Finance/ Hospitality/ Marketing Management.

4. Business: International Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Business Studies, International Business, Digital Business, Business Administration.

5. Communication: Communication, Communication. Design, Film + Motion Design, Photography, Game Design, Illustration.

6. Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence.

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